The Kigali International Financial Centre

Kigali International Financial Centre is a financial centre that will transform Rwanda into an international financial destination for investors seeking opportunities across the African continent.

  • Vision:

    To build a bright future for Rwanda and for Africa by transforming the investment landscape across our continent.

  • Mission:

    To connect people with brilliant opportunities – the investment world with Africa, Rwandans with an exciting future, people with jobs and careers.

  • Goal:

    Connecting people with opportunities, across Africa and beyond.

KIFC Values

  • K: KNOWLEDGE is our superpower:

    We offer unrivalled understanding of trade across Africa and we apply it for positive outcomes,

  • I: We are rooted in INTEGRITY:

    A trusted employer, partner and advisor, we value strong, honest relationships, always,


    Continually looking for the next ambitious opportunity on behalf of those who work with us,


    Working together, with our clients and with our partners towards an exciting future for Rwanda and for Africa and beyond.

About Rwanda Finance Limited

Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL) is a company promoting and developing Rwanda as a leading financial destination for international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa.

Rwanda Finance Limited works with key stakeholders to develop and promote Kigali International Financial Centre through investment promotion, policy advocacy and sector upskilling. It also works to establish the regulatory framework for Kigali International Financial Centre to become a leading international financial centre.



Our Events - December 2022

15th December

Collective Investment Schemes workshop - Kigali, Rwanda

KIFC in collaboration with Capital Market Authority (CMA) will host a workshop on the Collective Investment Schemes Law, bringing together different service providers to provide clarity and understanding of the CIS law.

5th - 7th December

Super Return Africa - Cape town, South Africa

Super Return Africa is the largest African private equity and venture capital conference. The summit is taking place in Cape Town ( South Africa) from the 5th to the 7th of December 2022.

KIFC will attend the summit and participate in the ESG panel discussion. Super Return Africa will be an exceptional opportunity to showcase, promote and create awareness of KIFC.

Our Events - November 2022

28th–29th November

AFIS - Lomé, Togo

The Africa Financial Industry Summit (AFIS) will be taking place in Lomé, Togo from November 28th - 29th, 2022. AFIS aims to foster and support the pan-African financial services sector

KIFC will host a dedicated side-event co-organized by Jeune Afrique Media Group to showcase, create awareness and promote KIFC to a targeted list of Law Firms, Tax Advisors, Private Equity firms, and global investors.

16th November

Global Financial Centres Index Workshop - Kigali, Rwanda

As we aim to position KIFC on the continent, we have made efforts to ensure the listing of the centre on the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), a key index that measures the competitiveness and performance of financial centres across the world.

The workshop was held to facilitate discussions with key stakeholders of the KIFC ecosystem on areas of reform to ensure a continued conducive investment climate.

215th–18th November

CFA East Africa Annual Event - Nairobi, Kenya

The CFA Society East Africa Investment Conference 2022 is a practitioner-oriented educational conference focused on East Africa economies, capital markets and global issues relevant to investors worldwide.

KIFC participated in a panel discussion on Positioning East Africa as a Hub for Global Investing.

7th–18th November

COP 27, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) took place from 6 to 18 November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt with a strong delegation from Rwanda.

KFC Internationally launched the Sustainable Finance Roadmap and participated in panels organized by FC4S, UNFCCC, Win Rock I nternational and UN Women.

Our Events - October 2022

26th October

KIFC Sustainable Finance Roadmap Launch - Kigali, Rwanda

The launch of the KIFC Sustainable Finance Roadmap is key to advancing and cementing the financial centre’s role and activities around green and sustainable finance.Therefore, the launch of this Roadmap serves as an opportunity to engage and inform local and international stakeholders of the KIFC’s sustainable finance agenda as well as the crucial role UNDP serves in promoting and accelerating this agenda. The launch will also serve as a pre-COP27 teaser for KIFC.

20th-21st October

WAIFC Annual General Meeting - Casablanca, Morocco

The WAIFC Annual General Meeting will be held in Casablanca this year on 20 October. The delegates will discuss current issues, such as the transition towards a sustainable financial industry, innovative trends in finance, financing of SMEs, and inclusive finance. They will also participate in the Casablanca International Finance Forum.

10th–11th October

AFSIC Investing in Africa 2022 London - London, UK

AFSIC is believed to be the largest annual Africa investment event taking place outside Africa. The event has grown to become one of the most important conduits of investment into Africa, focused on matching business and investment opportunities in Africa. RFL is a sponsor at this year’s AFSIC event and will co-host the “Rwanda Investment Summit” alongside RDB.

4th October

KIFC Twitter Space - Kigali, Rwand

KIFC is hosting its first Twitter Space themed “Get to know KIFC” featuring the senior management team as speakers. The speakers will introduce KIFC, present an overview of the main pillars that constitute our financial centre and engage with the audience via a Q & A. #GettoknowKIFC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Rwanda Finance and Kigali International Financial Centre?

Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL) is a company promoting and developing Rwanda as a leading financial destination for international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa.

Kigali International Financial Centre is an ecosystem of financial actors that will transform Rwanda into an international financial destination for investors seeking opportunities across the African continent.

What is the difference between Rwanda Finance Limited and Rwanda Development Board?

Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) are very complementary. Rwanda Finance Limited key mandate is to promote and develop Rwanda as a leading financial destination for international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa, whereas Rwanda Development Board is contributing to making Rwanda very attractive for investments but also marketing investment opportunities in Rwanda more generally in all sectors.

By creating Kigali International Financial Centre, is Rwanda creating a ‘’Tax Haven’’ Jurisdiction?

What Rwanda is doing is developing an international financial centre with a clear proposition to investors: direct access to multiple African markets and a centralized, holding presence for investors to locate all their financial activities across Africa, within a safe, fully compliant, transparent environment underpinned by the rule of law and serviced by Rwanda’s fast growing, high quality financial services industry.

Under the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Law number 006/2021 dated 5 February 2021, KIFC Members have been granted tax incentives.

The common theme for KIFC incentives is that for investors to access them, they have to fulfill both minimum economic substance requirements and also demonstrate that management and control resides in Rwanda. The new positioning of Rwanda at regional and Pan African levels requires Rwanda to comply with international standards from the EU and OECD, in particular the assessments of preferential tax regimes conducted by the Forum on Harmful Tax Practices (FHTP), comprising more than 130 member jurisdictions of the Inclusive Framework.

In line with the new compliance standards on harmful tax activities, Rwanda’s new investment law has been designed with the following key principles and objectives:

  • No competition on aggressive tax incentives that will be detrimental to the reputation of Rwanda,
  • No (minimum) erosion of the existing tax revenue and
  • Full compliance with international tax standards with the development of incentives requiring minimum economic substance.

For an investor to qualify for certain incentives under KIFC, they must demonstrate minimum economic substance and also show that the governance, management and control of the investment resides in Rwanda. Regarding management and control, for example, investors will need to demonstrate that:

  • At least (minimum quorum) one director or twenty-five percent of directors reside in Rwanda,
  • 50% of board members should be in Rwanda for board meetings. Virtual meetings are acceptable,
  • Board meetings for strategic decisions should occur in Rwanda,
  • Board resolutions should be in Rwanda for safe keeping,
  • The Board must include at least two professional or qualified Rwandan residents,
  • A physical office of the company in Rwanda,
  • At least 30% of the professional staff are Rwandan,
  • Threshold set for minimum annual expenditure in Rwanda and
  • Threshold set for total assets to be consolidated in Rwanda.
What are the incentives that KIFC Members can benefit from?

KIFC is intended to position Rwanda as a preferred financial jurisdiction for investments into Africa, as well as reforming the domestic industry. KIFC is the first of its kind in Africa, in that it is not offering a building, an economic free zone or a specific category of company registration.

Instead, KIFC provides a conducive ecosystem for financial actors to operate and invest in Rwanda as a gateway to the rest of Africa. KIFC’s legal framework is intended to nurture domestic and foreign talent, support leading technologies that drive value and inspire trust amongst investors, regulators and other stakeholders.

Investors under the KIFC are granted a preferential corporate income rate and exemption from withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalty payments. Refer to the Investment Promotion and Facilitation Law for the detailed KIFC investments package. The law also details the economic substance requirements to qualify for these incentives.